Improve your animal shelter

Improve Your Animal Shelter by Determining Its Capacity for Care

Sheltering organizations serve a noble and necessary role in animal welfare by providing sanctuary for homeless animals. However, a shelter that is not mindful of its own limitations may ultimately fail to provide its animal population with humane care due to overcrowding. To be certain that adequate care is provided, it is necessary to consider […]

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Improving Animal Shelter Care

Improving Animal Shelter Care with Five Freedoms

Anyone who’s walked through an animal shelter knows the pain of seeing pets caged and frightened, but improving animal shelters’ care can sometimes be as easy as a few simple alterations. In fact, everything you need to know about improving care at animal shelters is covered by five basic “freedoms.” According to the Association of […]

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Improve google ranking

4 Key Ways to Improve Your Non-Profit Google Ranking

The fastest way to attract new traffic to your non-profit’s website, is to be featured at the top of search engine rankings, especially Google. By appearing at the top of an internet search, more people are likely to find your website and engage with your brand. By increasing traffic to your website, you are more […]

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Connect with your community

Connect With Your Community: 7 Tips for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, it’s important to engage with your community. People always prefer patronizing businesses owned by people they know, like, and trust. Community involvement helps you build trust with your neighbors and fellow residents. Here are 7 tips for small business owners to help you connect with your community. Participate in local […]

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Pet Boarding Business Management

7 Record Keeping Tips For Great Pet Boarding Business Management

Pet business management improves with proper pet record keeping. Unlike a grocery store business where inventory is non-living and stored on shelves, the inventory at a pet business is live running animals that often get in trouble or waste precious employee time. Keeping records of each pet is critical for a smooth operation. These tips […]

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How to Keep Your Boarding Business Viable as Markets Evolve

To be truthful, many businesses simply just don’t make it. There are many factors that have to come together in order to create a successful business. One topic that business owners should be concerned with is keeping their business viable as the market is constantly evolving. As some say, “you have to keep up with […]

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Bathing animals when its cold outside

2 Big Reasons Why You Should Bathe Animals Even When Its Cold Outside

Animals need to be bathed regularly, and for many reasons. With colder seasons and in particular within more snowy regions it is even more important to bathe animals. The tendency as human beings is to forget that we too are animals, that we belong to the Animal Kingdom. Therein are found the similarities, such as […]

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How to engage with your local community

How to Engage with Your Local Community and Why You Should

As a small business, how can you engage with your local community? In order to grow and establish a great reputation as a company, getting your local business’s name out is crucial. An article about why businesses should engage with their communities offers great reasons to do so: A survey reported “9 out [of] 10 […]

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