30/55 Gallon Drum Sticks (33″)


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30/55 Gallon Drum Sticks (33″)

Model #A8070, A8070-4W


Drum Sticks are chemical pick-up assemblies for use with pump operated or venturi systems to draw chemical concentrates or diluted chemical solution directly from a drum or other holding tank. Comes complete with a Hastelloy chemical strainer, polypropylene chemical check valve, Viton seals, and polypropylene hose barb(s) to connect to a chemical suction tube. Keeps large drums of chemical concentrate secured but available for easy dispensing.

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Designed for superior performance and industrial strength use, Drum Sticks are a valuable addition to every chemical installation.

  • To keep trash out of the chemical concentrate and to guard against spillage or interference, Drum Sticks include a polypropylene bung adapter, machined to fit both coarse or fine-threaded bung holes.
  • Rigid 3/4" polypropylene pipe overcomes problems common with flexible tubing and facilitates chemical dispensing
  • Connects to chemical suction tubes via hose barb(s)
  • Fits 30 and 55 gallon drums of chemical concentrate
  • Drum bung adapter allows for easy depth adjustment of the stick (up to 33" deep)
  • Hastelloy strainer easily accessible for cleaning
  • Chemical resistant polypropylene construction
  • Viton seals for commercial grade performance and life

Single Drum Stick (#A8070)

  • Accommodates a single suction tube
  • Includes several hose barb sizes (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4")
  • Can be used with any dilution or dispensing system

Multi Drum Stick (#A8070-4W)

  • Accommodates 1 to 4 suction tubes
  • Includes (4) 1/4" hose barbs and (3) plugs for unused hose barbs
  • Can ONLY be used with Mixing Stations (or units with check valve #491402)

Also Available: Safe Flow Lids™ for 1 and 5 Gallon Containers (#A8054, A8054-5SS)

  • The threaded lid fits 1 gallon jugs and the pull-up spout on many 5 gallon pails
  • Splices into any 1/4" chemical suction tube

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