Anivac EcoWash System

Animal Bathing System

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Anivac EcoWash System

Model #A3530


The compact design of the Anivac EcoWash System lets you bring the convenience, safety, and savings of the Anivac Animal Bathing System where ever you need to go. Clean your animal the easy, portable, mess—free way without using huge volumes of water—up to 90% water savings! Anivac’s patented wand uses spray action to wash the skin of the animal first, push the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand, and then wash the animals coat as the solution is being vacuumed up the wand. The massaging action of our process not only flushes the dirt off the animals skin, but also massages the hair follicles and stimulates the release of fresh oils that protect the hair. In addition to the highly effective cleaning benefits of our systems, the vacuuming action pulls the majority of the water from the coat, thus leaving the animal only damp to the touch and drastically reduces drying times.


Key Features

  • Cleans approx. 3-6 dogs per filling or 1 average sized horse/cow
  • Floor Cleaning kit Included
  • Portable for taking to shows, etc.
  • Eliminate bacteria spreading mops and wash cloths.
  • Snap on brushes provide revolutionary hard surface cleaning.
  • All wands apply clean solution and immediately remove the dirty solution.
  • Cleans carpets in autos and trucks
  • Compact design fits anywhere
  • Tremendous water savings
  • 12 foot long hose for easy reach

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