Anivac Pro-Heat 50 Litre System

Animal Bathing System

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Anivac Pro-Heat 50 Litre System

Model #A1300


Ogena’s portable unit the ANIVAC Pro-Heat System eliminates those nasty mops, buckets and wash cloths so you can clean and disinfect your facility the easy, portable, mess free way. The Anivac Pro-Heat uses much less water (up to 60% less) then traditional mops and buckets which means you’ll use less chemistry as well! The spray action of the cleaning wand ensures that every square inch of the areas cleaned are cleaned with brand new fresh cleaning/disinfecting solution which reduces the chances of cross contamination inherent in the use of traditional mops and even micro-fibre cloths.

Anivac’s patented bathing wands (included with every system) use our Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo to wash the skin of the animal first, push the dirt up and into the vacuum force of the wand, and then wash the animals coat as the solution is being vacuumed up the wand. So instead of cleaning from the top down they clean from the skin up!

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Key Features
  • Floor washing tool eliminates bacteria-spreading mops and buckets
  • Wands apply fresh, clean solution and immediately remove soiled solution
  • 23 foot hose for extended reach
  • 13 gallon (50 litre) capacity provides for up to 6000 square feet of cleaning per filling!
  • Tremendous water and chemistry savings of up to 60%
  • Separately controlled twin vacuum motors for superior suction power
  • Snap on brushes provide revolutionary hard surface cleaning for cages, pens, counters, screens, etc as well as for interior cleaning of vehicles!
  • Bathing wands virtually eliminate the mess associated with traditional bathing methods.  The person doing the bathing stays dry!
  • Bathes approximately 20 to 25 dogs or 5 to 8 average sized horses or cattle per filling
  • Skin up bathing ensures all the dirt is removed
  • Flushing action of cleaning solution gently massages hair follicles and removes debris that can block the passage of oils.
  • With common sense precautions and the included built in in-line water heater safe winter bathing of horses and other farm animals is possible.
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