Anivac Olympic Central System

Animal Bathing System

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Anivac Olympic Central System



Ogena’s Olympic Central System is the ultimate in our fine line of ANIVAC bathing and cleaning equipment. The Olympic Central System utilizes the Anivac patented bathing wands to revolutionize the way animals are bathed. The Anivac patented bathing wands wash the skin of the animal (where the dirt resides) by pushing the dirt up and into the vacuum, leaving the animal cleaner while using up to 90% less water than traditional methods.

The Olympic Central System is also excellent for cleaning floors and hard surfaces. The floor tool kit and wands eliminate nasty mops, buckets and wash cloths allowing you to clean and disinfect your facility an easy, portable, and mess free way. The spray action of the cleaning wands ensures that all areas are cleaned with brand new fresh cleaning/disinfecting solution which reduces the chances of cross contamination inherent in the use of traditional mops and even micro-fibre cloths. The Olympic Central System ties directly into water and drain systems eliminating the need to continually fill or drain tanks.


Key Features

  • Built in system – ties directly into the water and drain systems
  • Never has to be filled or emptied
  • Runs virtually silently
  • Put drops throughout your facility – simply reach for a hose when you want to bathe an animal or clean the facility
  • Includes floor cleaning kit

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