About Us

Ogena Solutions, was formed from the company Anivac Corporation which was created in Canada in 2005. Ogena (pronounced “O-Jenna”) Solutions is dedicated to providing complete effective, environmentally friendly bio-security solutions, equipment and protocols as well as ground breaking (patented) animal bathing systems. It currently operates in the animal health sector including veterinary, pet boarding and daycare, food animal and general farm applications.

Bio-security, green technologies and leading edge bathing systems are central to the company’s product focus.  Besides being the Exclusive Master Distributor for Virox Technologies Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® disinfectant products in the Canadian Companion Animal Health sector, Ogena’s own equipment products and matching usage protocols are respected as being the best and most efficient products available in animal health today

Our Name

The name Ogena Solutions was created as a combination and reformulation of two words “Oxygen” and “Genesis”. Oxygen is both the source element for all animal life and an environmentally responsible agent for pathogen control. Genesis reflects upon a fresh start and a new beginning in the field of bio-security which Ogena products represent. Ogena thus is a synthesis of these two foundation concepts applied to the emerging field of green bio-security.

Our Vision

Ogena Solutions, envisions a world that is safe, healthy, sustainable and free of concern from sickness and disease.

Our Mission

Ogena Solutions, seeks to redefine bio-security with protocols, products and equipment that are powerfully effective yet safe for humans, animals and sustainable in the environment.