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  1. Ogena Solutions Featured on Thomas Industry Update Newsletter Today!

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    Every day, Thomasnet publishes the latest news and analysis to keep their readers up to date on what’s happening in industry.  Today, they featured Ogena Solutions in Thomas Insights.

    By Prioritizing Honesty “Even If It Hurts Our Sales,” Manufacturer Builds Dedicated Client Base

    This article was sponsored by Ogena Solutions, a Thomas Verified manufacturer and distributor guided by its mission to safeguard animals, people, and the environment from pathogens and infectious diseases.  Link to original article on

    “Unfortunately, the world of biosecurity is rife with companies making misleading claims in the marketing and sales of their products,” says Dave Hachey, president and founder of Ogena Solutions.

    Ogena, which has manufactured and distributed patented air purifying systems, hydrogen peroxide based disinfectants, and other biosecurity products designed to maintain safe indoor spaces for the last 16 years, faced a unique challenge at the onset of COVID-19. While interest in their purification systems skyrocketed as business leaders sought safe, effective solutions to protect their teams, so too did the proliferation of questionable competitors touting fraudulent biosecurity products.

    Surrounded by rampant misinformation, “we consistently strive to be as honest and scientifically accurate as possible, even if it hurts our sales,” explains Hachey. “Clients know that if we recommend something, we’ve already vetted it and they can trust it. Our customers believe that we’re part of their business; we feel that we’re part of their business.”

    Thomas Insights sat down with Hachey to learn how his technology is impacting the “new normal” and better understand how businesses can utilize air purification technology to improve safety in the workplace.

    Thomas Insights (TI): What’s the biggest question you get from prospective customers, and how do you respond to that?

    Dave Hachey (DH): We very frequently get, “This sounds too good to be true. How am I supposed to believe this?” in response to the technology we provide at the price point we offer. That is, absolutely without question, the most common response, and this usually comes from both a technology and cost perspective.

    Our protocols and technologies sound like they’re so beneficial that they can’t really be true. But in reality, although they aren’t currently accepted as normal practice (like our new air purification systems) or weren’t seen as normal practice previously (like our hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants that are now the dominant products in companion animal health), they are emerging technologies that are breaking new ground.

    Our customers also ask, “How can your air purifiers be so much less expensive than other options that are out there?” The reason is because for most air purification systems you have to buy a separate unit for every room in your building, whereas ours can cover up to 3,000 square feet of space comprised of multiple rooms at the same time.

    People can be very resistant to our concepts because they sound too good to be true, but once people get on board, we end up getting key influencers and businesses across North America supporting us.

    Although we’ve only been in the human health market for about two years, we currently provide biosecurity products to about 90% of the veterinary universities in the United States and Canada. We are also in around 60% of the 5,000 animal shelters in the U.S. and over 95% of the animal shelters in Canada because we’ve been able to prove that we’re not playing games. We give them the facts based on real science.

    The ogenashield air purifier by puraclenz
    The OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz

    TI: What sets Ogena Solutions apart from the competition?

    DH: We try, in every instance, to be accurate and honest in our dealings with our customers. Unfortunately, the world of biosecurity is rife with companies making false claims in the marketing and sales of their products, but we consistently strive to be as honest and scientifically accurate as possible, even if it hurts our sales.

    We sell products, but we also provide recommendations on what customers need and make sure they’re informed of the proper protocols for product usage. When it comes to the air purifiers we have an online questionnaire that guides our customers in determining how many units they might need depending on how many people are in the space, how many animals are in the space, what kind of bioload is in the space, what materials are in the space, and even how high the ceilings are.

    On top of that, we don’t just offer training, we always encourage it. If we can talk to a customer’s team members ahead of time it dramatically reduces the number of complications that might occur after installation. There’s a saying, “In the absence of knowledge, the human mind always goes to the negative.” If you make a change in a facility and don’t give the people who work in that area an opportunity to hear what it’s about and ask questions, you’re asking for trouble.

    Our basic premise is that if our customer is okay, we’ll be okay. And if that means we’re going to lose money with a customer here and there, then we lose money, because it’s more important to make sure they’re satisfied. Too many businesses don’t work that way.

    TI: How do you measure success at Ogena Solutions?

    DH: Our customers stay with us. Facilities that started with our company more than 10 years ago are still with our company. Currently, I’m proud to say that we have thousands of facilities that have stayed with us, that number grows every day, and our great staff is a key reason for that.

    Those clients know that if we recommend something, we’ve already vetted it and they can trust it. We want our customers to believe that we’re part of their business; we feel that we’re part of their business.

    Ogena invented the wand technology behind bissell barkbath
    Ogena invented the wand technology behind Bissell BarkBath

    TI: What’s something that isn’t widely known about Ogena Solutions that you’d like to highlight?

    DH: A lot of people don’t know that we also happen to be the inventors and patent holders for the wand technology that’s used in the highly successful Bissell BarkBath, which is a dog bathing system that’s virtually mess-free and even allows you to bathe your dog in your living room without any mess.

    At first our design looks a bit funny because it looks like you’re using a small carpet cleaner on the animal. The difference, though, is that instead of spraying the cleaning solution on top (like a carpet cleaner does) our unit has little spray nozzles that comb through the hair and sit right on the dog’s skin so that when you pull the trigger, instead of spraying on top, it sprays directly against the skin and flushes the dirt off. The rinse-free solution is then pulled into the vacuum. It literally cleans from the skin up instead of the top down for a better clean.

    Plus, because it’s a vacuum, it pulls the water out without making a mess. They’re about 60% dry because they’re not drenched. It can clean a 70-pound Labrador in six or seven minutes using more than 90% less water. The dogs even like it, too, it’s like a massage!

    We also have commercial grade versions of these that we sell to horse owners, as well as to veterinary dermatologists. They use them because it’s the only system that will truly clean the skin of an animal.

  2. A One Health Solution for Our One World: How Ogena is Helping to Heal the Planet with Afforestation

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    Recognition Article – 8

    A lot of business owners and individuals mistakenly believe that making a difference in the environment means a loss of money, a loss of time, and ultimately the loss of our way of life. Dave Hachey and the people at Ogena Solutions are living proof that that simply isn’t true.

    Mr. Hachey is the founder and president of Ogena (pronounced “O-Jenna”) Solutions Canada Corporation. It’s a company that prides itself on offering state-of-the-art animal bathing, cleaning, disinfecting and air purification products that are both efficient and safe, and specialize in environmental responsibility. The corporation has a time-proven track record of using responsibly sourced, sustainable products, and is proof that business can be mindful of the environment while chartering success.

    The One Health Philosophy

    Ogena’s mission centers around the One Health philosophy: the idea that the health of people, animals, and the environment are intrinsically connected. One Health issues include zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, food safety and security, vector-borne diseases, environmental contamination, and others that impact life on Earth.

    Ogena believes that even the fields of chronic disease, mental health, injury, occupational health, and non-communicable diseases can benefit from an approach that collaborates across all disciplines and sectors … and that if we are to avoid an environmental catastrophe, the time to act is now. As such, Ogena goes the extra mile to ensure that their products meet the highest environmental standards.

    For example, one of their products is the patented Anivac bathing system, a portable cleaning system designed for use with animals as large as horses or as small as dogs. As an engineering success, not only does it clean animals at a fraction of the cost of similar systems, but it does it while using a fraction of the water!

    Literally billions of gallons of fresh water is used to bathe animals around the world today and this system has the potential to cut that use by over 90%. In fact, it works so well that the Bissell company licensed Dave’s patent and launched the ‘Bissell Bark Bath,’ which has become one of the most successful products they’ve ever launched.

    This strategy of producing versatile, effective, responsibly sourced, and environmentally friendly products is part of what makes Ogena so special, and is one of the reasons 8 Billion Trees is so thankful to have them as a partner in their reforestation and wildlife rehabilitation projects.

    Partnering With 8 Billion Trees to Reduce Carbon Emissions

    As an 8 Billion Trees partner, their CEO Dave Hachey takes saving the environment personally. Their mission, to plant 8 Billion Trees before the world’s population reaches that number, is an ambitious one, but is having a huge impact on the current environmental issues that connect us all. By planting trees that sequester carbon emissions, their teams around the world are restoring areas that have been slashed and burned, saving existing forests from destruction, and rehabilitating wildlife… which helps eliminate the harmful greenhouse gases that are a danger to all life.

    To aid this mission to benefit the planet, Mr. Hachey has currently planted nearly 250 trees and conserved 2,500 through his personal partnership. This is consistent with his life philosophy of living in harmony with nature. He is a strong proponent of leaving the world a better place than he found it, and he’s also a man that believes that actions speak louder than words.

    His actions are making it possible to eliminate Co2 emissions around the world and rebuild ‘hot spots’ that have been wantonly destroyed.

    8 Billion Trees agrees with Mr. Hachey that all of life is connected … and that by working together, we can save the planet’s resources and avoid environmental devastation.

  3. Ogena Solutions launches ozone-free air purifier proven to kill over 99% of airborne viruses

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    With safety established by CARB-approval and UL2998 certification, the ozone-free air purifier attacks respiratory droplets and exposed surfaces missed by hand cleaning or HEPA filters.

    Stoney Creek, Ontario — Ogena Solutions, a long-time trusted veteran in leading biosecurity practices, is excited to launch the OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz. Applying an advanced and patented version of the same technology used to clean air in the International Space Station, the OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz is one of the most technologically advanced, affordable air purifiers on the market.

    “The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the need for effective air purifying solutions, especially in workplaces and where people congregate. This newly advanced and completely ozone-free system combines UV light with a patented catalyst cell to effectively and efficiently break down and destroy viruses in the air and on exposed surfaces,” says Ogena Solutions President and Founder Dave Hachey.

    Third-party tests show that the OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz kills over 99% of the MS2 Bacteriophage (MS2) virus, an accepted surrogate of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the coronavirus disease COVID-19. The MS2 virus qualified as a surrogate virus since it is a type of virus that is far more difficult to kill than the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as influenza, norovirus, and the common cold.

    The California Air Resource Board (CARB) has approved the OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz as safe for use in the presence of people and animals. CARB is widely accepted as the world’s gold standard for measuring indoor air quality. The air purifiers also have a UL2998 certification for being completely ozone free.

    “We take safety very, very seriously. Since day one of our business, our mission at Ogena Solutions has always been to safeguard animals, people and the environment from pathogens and infectious diseases. We don’t allow any products to enter the market until they’ve been thoroughly tested,” says Hachey.

    The air purifier is a partnership with the innovative changemakers at Puraclenz. The newly patented technology behind their air purifiers leverages the power of an advanced form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). Unlike most air purifiers, the design does not require viruses to pass through the unit but instead the units increase the number of (already present) positive and negative ions in the air where they deactivate and kill pathogens.

    In addition, most air purifiers on the market offer no surface deactivation. The OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz units kill over 60% of viruses on exposed surfaces – a huge game changer for critical sanitization protocols across all types of businesses.

    Ogena Solutions offers three air purifier units with coverage ranging from 500 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft. All are commercial grade and ideal for use in businesses such as gyms, doctor/dental offices, lunchrooms, cafeterias, restaurants, schools, senior housing, manufacturing offices and even agriculture worker housing — basically any type of business establishment.

    Our compact and easy-to-install units plug into standard wall outlets and come complete with a wall and ceiling mounting bracket. Some of the key features and benefits of the air purifiers include:

    • Purifies air and surfaces continuously 24/7.
    • Eliminates dangerous pathogens.
    • Single unit coverage of up to 3,000 sq. ft. (30,000 cubic feet) and over multiple rooms, dramatically reducing the number of units needed for full coverage.
    • Approved as safe for use in the presence of people and animals by the California Air Resource Board. CARB is widely accepted as the world’s gold standard for measuring indoor air quality.
    • UL2998 certification for being completely ozone free.
    • Long lasting, easy to change UV lamp provides 2.5 years of continuous protection.
    • Elegant and compact design
    • Very low operating cost

    The units start at $299 USD ($399 CAD), making this product one of the most affordable air purifiers on the market. For more information, visit