OgenaShield Hand Cleaner

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OgenaShield Hand Cleaner is a revolutionary moisturizing hand cleaner. One of the challenges of frequent hand washing is that over time, your skin becomes dry and cracked. OgenaShield Hand Cleaner is made up of a combination of surfactants and natural oils that removes organic material from skin but leaves it smooth and soft. The cleaner is designed to be applied to dry hands, rubbed into the skin thoroughly, and then rinsed with cool water to remove any soils, dirt and organic material while leaving powerful moisturizers behind. Users will FEEL the difference on the very first use!

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● Concentrated formulation means a small amount goes a long way. Use sparingly!
● Made with the highest quality lanolin and glycerine to condition and protect the skin
● Specially formulated with safe, natural ingredients
● Rinses clean with water or wipes off easily
● Fragrance free
● Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
● Available in 90ml (3oz), 500ml (16oz) and 4L (1 Gal) containers