IK Foam Pro 12 (12 L)

$ 121.94 USD


The IK Foam Pro 12 (12 L) is excellent in providing the convenience of portability without the restriction of a hose. When
fully pressurized either manually or by a compressor, these foamers apply a steady wide even swath of consistent foam.
These foamers are excellent for disinfecting service vehicles, incoming equipment, ventilation systems, animal housing,
high traffic areas, etc. May also be used to apply Pure Oxygen Shampoo.


● Designed for use with chemical agents that have surfactants & foaming properties
● For use in larger areas and when increased range is needed
● Generates a dry and long lasting foam
● Special foaming nozzle with fan-like pattern
● Innovative & ergonomic design
● Wide filling aperture with large integrated funnel/filter for easy filling and cleaning
● Strong Translucent Tank with Level Indicator
● Stable base with feet brackets for support
● Acid Resistant Safety Valve
● Content Identifier System
● Safety Lock
● Hand pump or compressed air socket
● Convenient Lance Parking feature
● Stainless Steel Control Handle w/ safety lock