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Made from high-grade commercial hose retractable tool designed to simplify any tasks by keeping you safe from tripping hazards. Ideal for pet grooming stations, pet boarding facilities, animal shelters and other industries or workshops.  It’s known to resist corrosive substances.

This retractable system can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor or even in the attic. Fast, easy and simple to use, it is a mechanical system that does not require any electrical power. In addition, it includes two cleaning tools and wall support.

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● 60 ft high-quality commercial hose easily extends and retracts for quick clean ups or deep cleaning
● Unit supports the weight of the hose allowing easy maneuverability during use.
● Double bearing-reel
● Flexible installation – ceiling, wall or floor mount
● Convenient proprietary hose-on-hose solution delivery system allows for efficient and effective cleaning and disinfection