Anivac Olympic II – Bathing & Cleaning System


Anivac Olympic II, Bathing & Cleaning System (1 user)  1 x 10 Amp motor

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Ties directly into the existing facility water and drain systems, The Olympic system is a permanent installation where constant temperature and automation are important. Shampoo is mixed automatically, saving time and waste so you control how much you use. The Olympic system can be used in multiple locations within the same building. just plug the hose into the wall socket and everything turns on instantly. super fast and super powerful. Wash floors or groom animals its speed and power are amazing. Can be installed outside the building where noise is a factor. Use to disinfect and clean your premises quickly and efficiently.

• Never has to be filled or emptied
• Runs virtually silently
• Simply reach for a hose when you want to clean an animal
• Also functions as a dry vacuum/shop vac.