Anivac ProPak I – Central Vacuum & Animal Bathing System

Anivac ProPak I – Single Motor high powered Central Vacuum System (1 user) 1 x 14 Amp Motor

All-in-one system and virtually maintenance-free: no bag or canister to empty. Picks up both dry material and liquids, and drains everything directly into the sewer system.

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Animal Bathing System & Central vacuum with an automatic drain.  Picks up solids and liquids, soundproofed and requires less maintenance. Decanter collects items picked up inadvertently or removes accumulated hair and animal fur.


  • Picks up solids and liquids
  • Drains directly into the sewer system
  • No bag to empty, no tank to drain; operation is fully automatic!
  • Decanter included for easier maintenance
  • Smart circuit board with electronic timer and indicator lights
  • Porthole window shows the unit in operation and helps with maintenance
  • 2 in. / 50 mm drain
  • Integrated timer
  • Cannot be paired with a booster head
  • Flow rate of 0.6 gal./min. (2.3 L/min.)