Who we are:

Ogena Solutions is a leading provider of biosecurity products designed to enhance environmental safety in various applications and industries. Historically, Ogena Solutions has addressed biosecurity in the animal health sector but over the last 3 years has taken their extensive knowledge into the human health sector. 

The company recently launched the OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz, one of the most advanced and affordable air purifiers on the market.  Ogena’s goal, using a One-Health approach,  is to protect animals, people, and the environment from infectious diseases. Ogena’s products go through rigorous testing by independent third parties to guarantee the highest level of safety and efficacy before commercialization. 

Biosecurity Facts and Best Practices

Biosecurity focuses on the implementation of measures to prevent the entry of pathogens into a population. Infection prevention and control have the aim of limiting the impact of an infectious pathogen on a population.

Biosecurity refers to measures that stop or prevent the spread of harmful pathogens to humans, animals, and plants.  

As a result, effective biosecurity programs provide guidance on best practices, protocols and products that regulatory agencies recognize as being effective in helping to protect life.

Some of the hazards that threaten health and biosafety include: 

  • A chemical, biological, or physical agent in food that causes an adverse health effect
  • A biological agent that can be transmitted between animals and humans (zoonotic infection)
  • A pathogenic agent that spreads from importing commodities (foreign animal disease)
  • A pest causing economic damage to an endangered area
  • A living organism with potentially adverse effects on the environment

Pathogens can spread through airborne means, direct contact, indirect contact, aerosols, ingestion, or other vectors such as high touch surfaces like door handles, phones, elevator buttons, and in animal health even floors and walls. Knowing these routes is important when creating biosecurity plans of any scope.

Best Practices

Practical steps to improve the health of humans and animals at your facility can include:

Quarantine sick animals:  New arrivals or sick animals should be quarantined to decrease the chances for a contagious disease to enter the facility. 

Sick leave: Assure your employees are able to take time off when sick. 

Good manure management: Manure attracts flies and can turn into a breeding ground for pests and diseases, so collect and dispose of manure appropriately. 

Cleaning and Disinfection: Cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and surfaces should also be part of the routine. Use of only high-quality disinfectant products explicitly registered for the particular use, with a high focus on products that are safe and effective.

Shower in – Shower out: when entering farms (swine or poultry) it is required to change shoes, clothes and shower. This minimized the chances for a disease to enter into the animal population. 

Monitor:  closely monitor the health and wellbeing of  animals in the facility for any changes in their health. This helps you take proactive steps to mitigate the spread of infection in case of a disease outbreak.

Control vermin, insects, and wild birds: Implement an active vermin and wild bird control procedure, including baiting, humane trapping, and other available deterrent methods. To remove vermin habitats, keep your premises and surrounding area free of debris and overgrowth. Feed spillage or leaks from feed delivery systems should be cleared immediately to prevent bird and rodent infestation.

Biosecurity Products from Ogena Solutions

The OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz utilizes an advanced, ozone-free system that combines UV light with a patented catalyst cell to ensure effective removal of viruses, bacteria and mold in the air and on exposed surfaces. Tests on the product reveal that it eliminates over 99% of a range of viruses, such as the MS2 Bacteriophage (MS2) virus, a type of virus that is much more difficult to kill than many diseases including SARS-CoV-2, influenza (including Avian influenza), aids, kennel cough and PRRS in swine.

Ogena Solutions also provides a range of other products to maintain biosecurity and purify the air, in all types of commercial settings, including restaurants, farms, doctor’s offices, schools, and change rooms. These additional products include: 

  • Foamers 
  • Mixing stations 
  • Sprayers 
  • Topical solutions
  • Vacuum systems

Ogena Solutions is a leading supplier and distributor of premium products explicitly designed to help you achieve and sustain biosecurity in your environment. Protecting the health of people, animals and plants ensures a healthier environment for all of us and our planet. To learn more about how we can meet your needs, contact us today.