Who We Are


To safeguard animals, people, and the environment from pathogens and infectious diseases
We are here to help.

Ogena Solutions president and founder Dave Hachey established ANIVAC Corp. in 2005. Guided by the principles of efficacy, efficiency, environmentalism, and safety, Dave’s vision and mission continued to evolve into what is Ogena Solutions today.

Our team is made up of some of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and reputable professional experts. Together, we’ve forged our identity as one of the most respected animal health bio-security companies in North America.

Ogena solution

As a One Health organization, we focus on the important and integral connections among human, animal, and environmental health. We offer innovative, state-of-the-art products and technologies that meet the highest standards for efficacy, efficiency, and safety.

Our team comes from a diverse background of education, experience, and expertise, and collectively offers best-in-class knowledge and service in the areas of infection protection and biosecurity across veterinary, farm/agriculture, animal shelter, and boarding kennel sectors.

As our name suggests, our solutions are what we are known for. And our track record of working with unique organizations – including government agencies, corporations, and small businesses – and providing best-in-class solutions for their unique challenges speaks for itself. We take pride in our work and its resulting impact on the health and safety of humans and animals; employees and customers; and our broader global community.


DragonsDundas, Ont. entrepreneur Dave Hachey learned this lesson when he appeared in front of the Dragons with his dog and a vacuum-bathing system for horses.