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Every day, Thomasnet publishes the latest news and analysis to keep their readers up to date on what’s happening in industry.  Today, they featured Ogena Solutions in Thomas Insights. By Prioritizing Honesty “Even If It Hurts Our Sales,” Manufacturer Builds Dedicated Client Base This article was sponsored by Ogena Solutions, a …

Trees and branches

A One Health Solution for Our One World: How Ogena is Helping to Heal the Planet with Afforestation

Heather Logan Animal Biosecurity, Animal Shelters, Companion Animal, COVID-19, Farm, OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz, Pet Grooming

Recognition Article – 8 BillionTrees.com A lot of business owners and individuals mistakenly believe that making a difference in the environment means a loss of money, a loss of time, and ultimately the loss of our way of life. Dave Hachey and the people at Ogena Solutions are living proof …

OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz

Ogena Solutions launches ozone-free air purifier proven to kill over 99% of airborne viruses

Heather Logan Animal Biosecurity, COVID-19, Farm, OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz, Veterinary

With safety established by CARB-approval and UL2998 certification, the ozone-free air purifier attacks respiratory droplets and exposed surfaces missed by hand cleaning or HEPA filters. Stoney Creek, Ontario — Ogena Solutions, a long-time trusted veteran in leading biosecurity practices, is excited to launch the OgenaShield Air Purifier by Puraclenz. Applying …

DID YOUR FARM BUSINESS incur costs related to COVID-19? Funding is available in the following categories:

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Preventative Occupational Health and Safety Measures for preventative occupational health and safety measures such as personal protective and medical testing equipment, enhanced cleaning and disinfection supplies and more. Learn more Worker Wages and Isolation Expenses for worker wages and isolation cost reimbursements for workplace positive COVID-19 cases and close contacts ordered to …

Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria – an Extraordinary Challenge

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The emergence of antibiotic resistance bacteria is an extraordinary public health challenge. Antibiotic resistance not only affects the human medicine and animal agriculture sectors; companion animal medicine has also seen an increase in pets diagnosed with antibiotic resistant infections. Pets have become an integral part of families and sharing the …

Saluting Farmers, Veterinarians, and feed companies for adapting and innovating

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During this year’s Antibiotic Awareness Week Ogena Solutions wishes to salute farmers, veterinarians, and feed companies for constantly adapting and innovating their businesses to use antibiotics responsibly and only when needed. Today, farming and the food supply chain is complex and the understanding of the close relationship between the use …