Powerful and Effortless Coverage
Against Mold Spores, Viruses, Bacteria and More.

Puraclenz cleans indoor air and exposed surfaces at the source.
Our certified ozone free PCO technology is designed to continuously deactivate dangerous pathogens.


Ogena solution

Available in the USA Only.

Proactively cleans air and exposed surfaces 24/7.

Don’t just filter air. Ions dynamically deactivate viruses, mold and bacteria mid-air and on surfaces.

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Destroys Viruses.

Over 99% effective at reducing viruses mid-air.

Stops Mold Growth.

Over 99% effective at deactivating mold spores on exposed surfaces.

Deactivates Bacteria.

Over 99% effective at reducing bacteria mid-air.

Scientifically Proven Technology.

Puraclenz products use an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) previously used to provide clean air for astronauts in the International Space Station. Our science-backed technology is proven by third party laboratory tests.

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The complete coverage air & surface purifier. Removes the widest range of pollutants.

PM Sensor measures air quality, lowers energy cost and operates more quietly.




Powerful compact air & surface purifier featuring powerful PCO technology.