Transform Your Facility Cleaning

Cleaner, Faster & More Cost Effective!

Introducing the Anivac 3.5 Hydro Jet Cleaning System – a game-changing solution for animal care facilities.
Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming cleaning practices and hello to the Anivac 3.5 Hydro Jet Cleaning System.


Transform Your Facility Cleaning!

Deep Clean

Eliminates high risk cleaning practices such as mops, brooms & vacuums – utilizes Hydro Jet Technology to clean surfaces by spraying fresh cleaning/disinfecting solution onto soiled surfaces then immediately vacuums away the dirty solution, effectively cleaning and preventing the spread of contaminants.


Save Time

Saves time with quick and efficient one-step cleaning/disinfecting – no pre-sweeping or dry vacuuming required. Custom accessories and adjustable suction allows for optimum dwell times and faster drying times.

Cost Effective

Experience the value of substantial labor savings, reduction in water and chemistry use, no drain requirements, decreased impact on septic systems and flexibility to be utilized on a variety of surfaces such as floors, kennels, dog beds, crates, tables, toilets, etc.


Say Hello to Convenience, Safety, and Efficiency


Fully self contained compact design allows for easy transportation, maneuverability and storage.


No special installation or inlet/outlet/drain or electrical requirements- uses standard 110V outlet.


Additional wands available for animal bathing.

Ready to take your facility cleaning to the next level?

Discover how the Anivac 3.5 HydroJet Cleaning System can transform your routine into a faster, cleaner, cost effective and more eco-friendly experience.

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