Low Volume Hose End Foamer (32oz)

$ 136.31 USD


The Low Volume Hose End Foamer is a unique low volume hose-end foaming gun for the application of chemicals with
foaming properties. This unit uses standard facility water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from the attached
bottle and blend it into the water stream. The accurately diluted solution flows through the foam wand to create a
clinging, wet foam which is then projected onto any surface up to 7′ away.


● Low volume for small areas and water/chemical conservation
● Foam provides visual verification that all areas are covered and encourages users to move on – saving on chemistry use
● Foam can bubble its way into cracks and crevices that a spray simply won’t reach
● Foam takes longer to dry which increases contact time
● Durable! Foamer body is machined in the USA, not molded
● Quick disconnect of foam assembly allows for quick rinsing after disinfection (if desired)
● Light, 32oz chemical containers reduce wrist and arm fatigue and the risk of repetitive strain injuries
● No moving parts! Venturi action dilutes chemical consistently with precision metering tips
● Great performance with pressure as low as 20 PSI
● Available with a higher flow rate (#A8040B-32)


● Machined polypropylene foamer body
● 32oz wide-mouth, HDPE bottle
● Trigger gun with quick disconnects for rinsing
● Heavy-duty blue bottle lid (red, yellow or green – available upon request)
● 20 colour-coded metering tips for setting dilution ratios

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5 cm