Vikan 20″ Foam Blade Squeegee

$ 29.85 USD


The foam rubber blades on this squeegee make it the most effective squeegee in the Vikan range. It is excellent on all types of floors, as the soft rubber reaches into and cleans all spaces on the floor, such as grouting between tiles. The 20” length blade is the perfect size for most production areas. The cartridge system blades can be removed for easy cleaning and replaced when worn out, making the model a very economical option.

Maximum Temperature: 93°C
Thread Type: Euro (Hygienic)
Blade Type: Foam Blade
Block Material: Polypropylene
Blade Material: Foam Rubber

Additional information

Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 49.78 × 9.40 × 10.41 cm

Pink, Green, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Black, Brown, Orange, Lime, Purple, Gray