Anivac 3.5 Animal Bathing System

$ 1,499.00 USD


Available in the USA only.

Revolutionize bath time – cleaner, faster & greener than ever before!

The Anivac 3.5 Animal Bathing System is a revolutionary system for horse and cattle owners, animal care professionals and their clients.

The Anivac 3.5 cleans from the skin up. Custom bathing wands with adjustable Hydro Jet nozzles quickly and effectively cleans even the thickest coat by flushing fresh shampoo solution directly onto the skin dislodging dirt, scuf and loose hair, which is immediately vacuumed away preventing recontamination of previously cleaned areas.  

Adjustable suction allows for gentle but rapid removal of the dirty shampoo solution leaving the coat just damp to the touch, substantially speeding up drying time and preventing excessively wet wash areas and groomers.

With a 90% reduction in water usage and decreased impact on septic systems, ANIVAC is a superior option to traditional bathing and lessens the impact on the environment.

For optimal results use with OgenaShield Pure Oxygen® Shampoo.  No tubs required.

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  • Up to 90% water savings
  • Portable – mess free bathing anywhere
  • Safely bathe animals in cold climates
  • Reduce skin conditions
  • Remove stains and shedding hair
  • Bathing wands virtually eliminate the mess associated with traditional bathing methods keeping the person doing the bathing dry
  • From the ‘skin up’ bathing ensures all the dirt is removed without having to break down the natural oil barrier of the coat
  • Combing and flushing action gently massages and stimulates hair follicles
  • Bathes one average sized horse per fill

Anivac 3.5 Product Specifications:
Model Number C3850
Solution Tank 13.2 Litres (3.5 gal US)
Recovery Tank 9.5 Litres (2.5 gal US)
Vacuum Motor 2 Stage
Waterlift 226 cm (89 in)
Solution Pressure 3.8 bar (55 psi)
Hose Length 3.4 m (11 ft)
Warranty One Year
Weight 16 kg (35 lbs)



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