Anivac ProHeat II

$ 3,508.45 USD

The ANIVAC ProHeat II provides all the benefits of wet vacuuming in a convenient portable unit with no installation or drains required. By eliminating nasty mops, buckets and wash cloths cleaning and disinfecting becomes a much easier and efficient process saving on labor, time and money. The ProHeat II uses up to 60% less water than traditional mops and buckets which means less chemistry will be used as well. The spray action of the floor cleaning tool ensures that
every square inch of the areas cleaned are flushed with fresh cleaning/disinfecting solution. A built-in brush provides friction to loosen organic material while a squeegee keeps the dirty solution confined reducing the potential of cross-contamination. The dirty solution is immediately suctioned away into the totally self-contained vacuum unit which can easily be wheeled to the next area to be cleaned or to a drain for convenient emptying. Patented handheld  cleaning/bathing wands (included with every system) can be used for detail cleaning or with OgenaShield Pure Oxygen HD Shampoo for a thorough clean from the skin up. NO tubs required.

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● Floor cleaning tool eliminates bacteria spreading mops and buckets
● 23-foot vacuum hose included for extended reach
● Twin vacuum motors for superior suction power
● In-line On Demand hot water heater
● 10-gallon (37 Liter) capacity provides for up to 4500 square feet of cleaning per fill
● Up to 60% savings on water and chemistry use
● Snap-on brushes provide revolutionary hard surface cleaning for cages, pens, counters, screens, etc. as well as for interior cleaning of vehicles
● Bathing wands virtually eliminate the mess associated with traditional bathing methods keeping the person doing the bathing dry
● From the ‘skin up’ bathing ensures all the dirt is removed without having to break down the natural oil barrier of the coat
● Combing and flushing action gently massages and stimulates hair follicles
● Bathes approximately 15 – 20 dogs, 3 – 6 average sized horses, cattle or swine per fill

ProHeat II Product Specifications:
Model Number C4500
Solution Tank 37 Litres (10 gal US)
Recovery Tank 30 Litres (8 gal US)
Vacuum Motor 2-stage
Waterlift 3800mm (150 in)
Pump Pressure 7 bar (100 psi)
Hose Length 7 M (23 ft)
Warranty One Year
Weight 45.35 kg (100 lbs)