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Pure Oxygen® is a synergistic formulation of hydrogen peroxide and inert ingredients that produces a pure state of oxygen capable of breaking down organic material and microorganisms and eliminating odors. Specialized formulations allow for safe and effective cleaning on a multitude of surfaces. These solutions are completely safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly when used as directed.

Ogena’s top priority is to provide comprehensive cleaning and protection solutions for your unique needs. We conduct extensive research, development &/or vetting of products, technologies and processes. When appropriate we incorporate Advance Optimization Methodology by bundling products and protocols to optimize results.


image of the OgenaShield Logo, 1 gal bottle of Surface Cleaner and Deodorizer 1 gallon jug of Pure Oxygen HD Shampoo

Embrace the Benefits of Cleaning with Pure Oxygen®

With Ogena, you can confidently clean your workplace and pamper your furry friends knowing that our products are safe, eco-friendly, and free from harsh chemicals. Embrace the benefits of Pure Oxygen® cleaning and provide a healthier, cleaner environment for your staff and clientele.

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