OgenaShield Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

$ 149.97 USD



The OgenaShield Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer is designed for back-mounting with comfortable shoulder padded straps or with built-in side grips for a safe operation. It also performs well in stand alone use. This sprayer is designed to alleviate the hand pumping action required with manual (garden type) sprayers typically used to apply liquid chemicals and is equipped with a diaphragm pump and powered by a 12V/8Ah lead-acid rechargeable battery. The OgenaShield Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer reduces labor significantly and increased efficiency 3 to 4 times higher than that of a hand pump sprayer. Other advantages include variable pressure, uniform atomization, high penetration and fast and easy application of chemicals.


  • Spray-tank with multi-surface cascading design to ensure elegance and strength
  • Comfortable back pad to reduce fatigue and to ensure close contact while enhancing breathability
  • The tank lid is designed to allow simple tightening and opening as well as optimal portability
  • A diaphragm pump with pressure-limiting unit to ensure energy-saving, high efficiency that is free of overload risk
  • The pump is located under the battery in order to reduce risk of damage to the battery, enhance self-priming and minimize power consumption
  • Designed with a pressure adjuster and power indicator to vary the pump pressure to meet the demand of various spraying applications
  • Built-in control to protect the system against short circuit, overload and inverse connection to ensure safety
  • Equipped with Lead-acid battery which will give alarm if the battery voltage falls lower than 10.8V – 10.5V