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A One Health Solution for Our One World: How Ogena is Helping to Heal the Planet with Afforestation

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A lot of business owners and individuals mistakenly believe that making a difference in the environment means a loss of money, a loss of time, and ultimately the loss of our way of life. Dave Hachey and the people at Ogena Solutions are living proof that that simply isn’t true.

Mr. Hachey is the founder and president of Ogena (pronounced “O-Jenna”) Solutions Canada Corporation. It’s a company that prides itself on offering state-of-the-art animal bathing, cleaning, disinfecting and air purification products that are both efficient and safe, and specialize in environmental responsibility. The corporation has a time-proven track record of using responsibly sourced, sustainable products, and is proof that business can be mindful of the environment while chartering success.

The One Health Philosophy

Ogena’s mission centers around the One Health philosophy: the idea that the health of people, animals, and the environment are intrinsically connected. One Health issues include zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, food safety and security, vector-borne diseases, environmental contamination, and others that impact life on Earth.

Ogena believes that even the fields of chronic disease, mental health, injury, occupational health, and non-communicable diseases can benefit from an approach that collaborates across all disciplines and sectors … and that if we are to avoid an environmental catastrophe, the time to act is now. As such, Ogena goes the extra mile to ensure that their products meet the highest environmental standards.

For example, one of their products is the patented Anivac bathing system, a portable cleaning system designed for use with animals as large as horses or as small as dogs. As an engineering success, not only does it clean animals at a fraction of the cost of similar systems, but it does it while using a fraction of the water!

Literally billions of gallons of fresh water is used to bathe animals around the world today and this system has the potential to cut that use by over 90%. In fact, it works so well that the Bissell company licensed Dave’s patent and launched the ‘Bissell Bark Bath,’ which has become one of the most successful products they’ve ever launched.

This strategy of producing versatile, effective, responsibly sourced, and environmentally friendly products is part of what makes Ogena so special, and is one of the reasons 8 Billion Trees is so thankful to have them as a partner in their reforestation and wildlife rehabilitation projects.

Partnering With 8 Billion Trees to Reduce Carbon Emissions

As an 8 Billion Trees partner, their CEO Dave Hachey takes saving the environment personally. Their mission, to plant 8 Billion Trees before the world’s population reaches that number, is an ambitious one, but is having a huge impact on the current environmental issues that connect us all. By planting trees that sequester carbon emissions, their teams around the world are restoring areas that have been slashed and burned, saving existing forests from destruction, and rehabilitating wildlife… which helps eliminate the harmful greenhouse gases that are a danger to all life.

To aid this mission to benefit the planet, Mr. Hachey has currently planted nearly 250 trees and conserved 2,500 through his personal partnership. This is consistent with his life philosophy of living in harmony with nature. He is a strong proponent of leaving the world a better place than he found it, and he’s also a man that believes that actions speak louder than words.

His actions are making it possible to eliminate Co2 emissions around the world and rebuild ‘hot spots’ that have been wantonly destroyed.

8 Billion Trees agrees with Mr. Hachey that all of life is connected … and that by working together, we can save the planet’s resources and avoid environmental devastation.