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Restaurant, Classroom, Office, & Commercial Air Purifiers 

Since 2005, Ogena Solutions has been dedicated to helping to protect people, animals and our environment with groundbreaking cleaning and disinfecting products and most recently commercial grade air purifiers. With state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained and educated team, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for safety, efficiency, and efficacy.

The OgenaShield Air & Surface Purifier by Puraclenz: Air Purification Where it Matters Most

The OgenaShield is a revolutionary air purification system that uses an advanced and patented form of photocatalytic oxidation, that unlike bipolar or pinpoint ionizers, does not create or increase the number of VOC’s in the air. Instead of using an electrical field to create ions (like Bipolar and Pinpoint ionizers do)  this unique process uses an ozone freeUV light that shines on and interacts with a titanium dioxide surface to release a powerful stream of positive and negative ions, which go on to interact with moisture in the air to form clusters of powerful ions.  These clusters react with organic and inorganic materials causing complete oxidation/destruction. Furthermore, they attack microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria by destroying their membranes (the outer part of a cell) and cytoplasm (the inner part of a cell) causing death.

Our commercial air purifiers use this technology to actively dismantle pollutants and pathogens, rather than filtering them out of the air. In traditional filtering systems, the pathogens have to move through the space to get to the filter before they are removed. While this method is effective and used in a variety of situations, care must be taken to size these air filters correctly and place them in the appropriate positions. Still, pathogens may pass by any number of people on their way to the filter, and studies have shown that on average a well chosen particulate filtering system such as HEPA filters only capture approximately 50% of pathogens in the air.  In addition, particulate filtering systems have no effect to the pathogens on surfaces, whereas the ions produced by the OgenaShield/Puraclenz unit provides excellent 24/7 kill of viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

With this advanced versions of photocatalytic oxidation technology, our OgenaShield system deactivates pathogens where they are. One unit can purify the air in a 3,000-square-foot space covering multiple rooms.

The Benefits and Features

The OgenaShield system offers several benefits:

  • Efficiently fights viruses by dismantling pathogens and pollutants into harmless substances
  • Safe to use as an office air purifier, or in any other workspace or classroom
  • New technology produces powerful ions without the production of any ozone whatsoever.
  • Purifies the air as well as hard-to-reach exposed surfaces where pollutants may have landed and settled
  • Easy to use

Should You Buy an Air Purifier for the Workplace?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that people in the United States spend about 90% of their time indoors, where the air quality can be up to five times worse than the air quality outside. Employees or students that work inside a building could be exposed to mold, smoke, allergens, bacteria, and more. Constant exposure to these pollutants can result in negative health effects, which contributes to reduced productivity and increased insurance costs.

A commercial air purifier is an easy way to eliminate those pollutants as well as reduce the spread of illnesses. If one employee or student brings a common cold or the flu to the workplace or classroom, it can quickly spread. An air purifier that uses advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology can deactivate pathogens before they go on to infect someone else.

Ogena Solutions offers three Puraclenz models, so you can match the system to your space:

  • Q60500. Ideal for rooms up to 500 square feet, including hotel rooms, commercial bathrooms, and offices.
  • Q61500. Ideal for rooms up to 1,500 square feet, including classrooms, conference rooms, senior residences, and other medium-sized open spaces.
  • Q63000. Ideal for extra large rooms up to 3,000 square feet, including waiting rooms, restaurants, and hallways. Larger spaces can be accommodated with more than one unit.

Each of these models can cover multiple rooms in the allotted space to help prevent the spread of disease and eliminate pollutants. They can be mounted on a table, wall, or ceiling, and include a washable/reusable pre-filter.

Commercial Air Purifiers from Ogena Solutions

Your classroom, office, or restaurant air purifier should be able to offer ozone-free destruction of pathogens and pollutants to ensure a healthier environment for your students, employees, and customers. From offices and schools to any other commercial space, Ogena Solutions offers the technology to do that safely and cost-effectively. Shop our products to find the ideal solution for your space, or contact us to learn more about advanced photocatalytic oxidation and why it’s the best choice for air purification.