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4 Creative, Free Ways To Keep Your Small Business Economically Viable

The benefits of revising your business strategy often speak for themselves, but sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly how to keep your small business economically viable. Ignite your creative spark with our top four creative tips that won’t cost you a cent.

1. Customers love everything shiny, bright and new.

Adding the words “new” to product titles and descriptions peaks the interest of clients trying to stay current with the latest trends.

2. Become a trend spotter.

Instagram, Etsy, and Pinterest are all social media platforms that make the job of staying current easy. Your customers will be more likely to follow your every move with cult-like loyalty if you keep them well-informed of the next greatest thing.

3. Love Thy Neighbor.

Even online companies can benefit from reaching out to businesses that offer complementary products. If you are a pet clinic, creating strong relationships with local kennels, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet boutiques, even local pet-friendly condo or apartment communities, are excellent referral sources.

4. Ask for Complaints.

Many business owners dread the criticism of their products or services to the extent that they miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with customers after the sale. Call. Email. Send a postcard. The worst that could happen is that you receive honest feedback that helps you develop better products and customer service.

Bonus Tip: Keep Growing.

The most important way to create a thriving business is to continue innovating. Reading online articles, listening to podcasts, and reaching out to mentors allows for fresh ideas and trends to infuse your business with positive change. Not everything you try will work, but some will.