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Pet Grooming & Boarding in Canada: Market Research Report Shows Pet Ownership Is on the Rise

With Canadian pet ownership on the rise, the grooming and boarding industry is offering more services than ever to keep household pets healthy and happy. And this market research report on the grooming and boarding industry in Canada shows that the trend will continue in years to come.

The pet grooming and boarding industry in Canada has been growing tremendously over time. In fact, some pet boarding facilities offer deluxe hotel accommodations that come with services such as TV for dogs and music. The report states that the industry is expected to continue expanding in the next five years, due to the rising Canadian population and the concurrent rise in Canada’s per capita disposable income.

In fact, the report reveals, pet ownership in Canadian households has risen significantly over the past two decades
 — even when you take into consideration the recession years. As a result, there’s an increased demand for the pet grooming and boarding industry to provide a wider variety of services that deliver to pets, such as boarding, grooming, training, and more.

So what does this mean exactly for pets and their owners? With a rise in Canadian per capita income, pet owners will not only be more numerous; they’ll demand the safest and healthiest options when making consumer choices. A likely prediction is that pet owners will be even more concerned about using non-toxic cleaners for animal carriers and cages, buying pet food and supplies that are made from natural and/or organic materials, and paying increased attention to sustainable packaging.

In conclusion, pet owners are likely to make green technology and animal bio-security a priority. We can expect that pet owners will be more selective in the grooming and boarding services they use. And with more options available in the Canadian pet grooming and boarding industry, they’ll seek out those service providers that use the safest animal shampoos and nontoxic cleaning products in their facilities.