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Saluting Farmers, Veterinarians, and feed companies for adapting and innovating

During this year’s Antibiotic Awareness Week Ogena Solutions wishes to salute farmers, veterinarians, and feed companies for constantly adapting and innovating their businesses to use antibiotics responsibly and only when needed.

Today, farming and the food supply chain is complex and the understanding of the close relationship between the use of antibiotics in animals, humans, and the impact on the environment is paramount for producing safe and nutritious food for consumers. The One Health concept aims to better understand and address the health issues that arise from the intricate relationship between humans, animals, and the environment.

A key aspect for responsible antibiotic use is to implement disease prevention strategies such as management, vaccination, proper nutrition and cleaning and disinfection. Adapting new technologies to further improve the efficacy of disease prevention strategies is essential. Technologies such as advanced photocatalytic oxidation can be used to destroy microbes in the environment and in the air. Furthermore, improving on-farm and barn sanitation between groups of animals or birds is also a key tool for disease prevention, hence lowering the amount of antibiotics needed.

Through the use of superior cleaning and disinfection chemistry, application equipment and protocols farmers are better able to ensure that their barns offer a safer environment with a reduced pathogen load to give their new incoming livestock or poultry the best chance to stay healthy and produce at their peak.