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Video: Spot Cleaning For Dog Kennels

We’ve got the full how-to on daily spot cleaning in healthy dog populations, which reduces stress for canines and best utilizes staff time and resources. Watch the video, then download our step-by-step instructions to brush up on your technique or train your staff and volunteers on best practices.



  1. Move dog to opposite side of guillotine door in kennel
  2. Remove all items from kennel (bowls, blanket, toys)
  3. Remove feces and debris from kennel
  4. Hose kennel with accelerated H202
  5. Use long-handled brush to scrub floor
  6. Let disinfectant stand for 5 minutes
  7. Use squeegee to move water down the drain and let kennel air dry
  8. Return dog to clean side of kennel and spot clean other side

Courtesy of the ASPCA. For more information click here.