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2 Big Reasons Why You Should Bathe Animals Even When Its Cold Outside

Animals need to be bathed regularly, and for many reasons. With colder seasons and in particular within more snowy regions it is even more important to bathe animals. The tendency as human beings is to forget that we too are animals, that we belong to the Animal Kingdom. Therein are found the similarities, such as the need for bathing.  Our physical needs don’t truly differ from those physical needs of our kindred animals.

As for the animals we care for, there are two primary reasons why you should bathe animals even when its cold outside:

Overall health.  Keeping the skin clean and washing your animal’s coat is even more important during winter months. Some owners may prefer to not bathe their animals as often for cold weather concerns, meaning the bathing needs to be thorough. Dirty fur can get matted and damage an animal’s coat with the increased potential of getting wet during winter months.

Parasite prevention.  It is no secret that parasites seek warmth, and many of course are literally going for blood. With colder temperatures it is possible that parasites could become even more aggressive in searching for a host. Ticks and one million of their kind are looking for your animal for both room and board. A good washing will not only make your animal a less acceptable host immediately, it will also permit you an opportunity to thoroughly check your animal for unwanted guests.

On some level we have a parental/guardianship obligation to take of our animals the best way we know how, to feed, shelter and bathe them. Yes, the colder weather requires a few preventative measures to keep our animals safe from such things like hypothermia. It also makes it more necessary to bathe them. That is why we are at the top of the food-chain, and why they rely on us too.

2 big reasons why you should bathe animals