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5 Tips to Build Your Pet Grooming Business

In this world of abundance, building a loyal and robust roster of clients is an ongoing challenge. Offering superior services, consistent results, and reliable expertise isn’t always enough to make a pet grooming business successful. Effective marketing is vital to the longevity and health of your company. Here are 5 ways to reach new customers and expand your clientele.

1. Go where they go. Never miss an opportunity to attend local pet fairs and pet days at the park. Large events have vendor designated areas but small, local gatherings are also a good time to pass out your cards and talk up your business. Like a politician kisses babies, you’ll have their support if you pet their pup.

2. Encourage recommendations. A satisfied client is more likely to brag about your services if it is beneficial to them. Incentivize referrals by offering complimentary services or a discounted rate to customers that bring in new patrons.

3. Reward loyalty. The best customers are returning customers. Do not take your base for granted. Show those consistent clients that you appreciate their patronage by periodically cutting the cost of services. Issue loyalty or punch cards and put the onus on the consumer to “work” your system.

4. Publicize charitable giving. Percentages and dollar amounts don’t matter. Commit to donating a small portion of your profits to a worthy cause. Buyers want their money to make a difference. When the competition is neck-and-neck, a more philanthropic business usually wins out. And this is a “two birds with one stone” scenario. Your clients get quality results and they feel good about their purchases.

5. Freebies. This isn’t as burdensome as it seems. Freebies can be creatively packaged take-away treats, a thank you card, or a stylish pet accessory. Bonus points for freebies that advertise the business. Custom pet bandanas printed with your logo are awesome.

Expanding your marketing sphere means nurturing your existing clientele and offering new customers things that money can’t buy. When selling your service always focus on expertise, enthusiasm, and empathy. With practice and diligence, your pet grooming business will be a raving success.