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How to Professionally Bathe a Nervous Dog Every Time

A nervous dog in the bath tub is no fun for dog or groomers!

Fighting with a nervous dog to get in the tub and stay in the tub only makes matters worst. Also, any size dog can win the bathing struggle by strength or attitude turning the whole experience into a nightmare.

Grooming shops are set-up to restrain a pet in the tub but this does not always make the bath easier. Restraints are dangerous sometimes causing injury to the panicking pet which is why equipment can play a major role. With the right equipment and set-up or preparations before beginning the bath, all the focus and attention is on the bath and pet which calms the dog because everything is okay.

Keep in mind that a quite calm area helps to keep the dog calm too. Too much activity or noise around a nervous dog can distract the dog from paying attention to you and calming down.

Some equipment, such as hard spraying water hoses, loud dryers and shampoo bottles falling in a tub make matters worst simply because of the noise and confusion. Plus confusion waste time. The answer to bathing a nervous dog is often by using another set-up.

Grooming shops that have a floor drain where large dogs stand on the floor for washing have remedied the tub fight. However, the usual water hose set-up can present problems of noise, entanglement, a movement to panic a nervous dog.

Groomers and veterinarians who use professional washing systems instead of the common hose set-up save time and money while providing pets soothing and gentle baths. Anivac’s patented bathing wands use a flushing action that gently quietly massage hair follicles while removing dirt and debris from a pet’s fur and skin.

What better way to calm a nervous dog than a nice massage in a quiet place!