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How to Quickly Increase Your Income for Your Pet Grooming Business

Here are 5 ways to quickly increase a pet grooming business income and have fun with your clients, pets and community.

1. Throw a pet party! Invite all your clients to bring the pets to enjoy an afternoon of human and pet mingling and food treats. Decorate using a theme like a beach or a holiday and get to know everyone.

2. Advertise the party and all events a couple of weeks ahead of time.

3. Invite a local charity to incorporate your business into a fundraiser they host.

4. Support local community charities and organizations by gifting a discounted groom to them for events they hold and you will gain more clients.

5. Talk about your business to everyone online and off. Word of mouth spreads fast.

6. Always do your best to maintain a good reputation for fast effective safe service.

7. Call clients who have not used your services in months and remind them to come back in. Busy pet owners often do not realize how much time has passed between grooms and they appreciate the reminder.

8. Look for ways to save time to add more pets and appointments to the day’s profits, such as using a Anivac-Pro Heat-50 system that can wash up to 25 pets a day without mixing products but once. Plus, the Anivac will clean up the mess too!

9. Hang up Advertisements for specials on your business location to draw attention.

10. Think of ways to reward your clients by bringing in friends as new customers, like a free bath for referrals.

Keeping your business clean with an inviting atmosphere that people and pets enjoy then talk about to friends is sure to bring in more income!