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Here are Simple Tips for Making Bathing a Dog Faster and Easier

Bathing a dog faster and easier saves time and money, especially in the professional pet grooming world. Saving time means more dogs bathed in a day and more money made. Making bathing easier not only saves time but also saves on the cost of shampoo, coat conditioners, water usage and other expenses.

Here are 10 simple tips to make bathing a dog faster and easier.

1. Prepare the tub area before the dog gets in the tub.

2. Keep shampoo, conditioner, towels within easy reach of the tub.

3. Use warm water starting with an easy flow from under the chest of the dog never spray the face. Dogs do not like cold water baths unless the location is very warm then they do like to cool off.

4. For the best fastest results use Anivac’s patented bathing wands and portable washing system which uses much less shampoo, water and conditioner for a fast simple bath. Up to 25 dogs baths without remixing products.

5. Use Pure Oxygen Ultra Shampoo for a clean and deodorized dog.

6. Start washing the top of the dog’s shoulders. Working the shampoo along with the back of the dog to the tail, and underside then rear leg and along the dog’s side towards the front leg and chest until one side and the back of the dog is completely wet and covered in shampoo.

7. Turning the dog around is faster than reaching over and struggling to wash the other side.

8. Wash the other side.

9. Rinse that side of the dog then turn the dog around to rinse the first side and save time.

10. Clean up the tub and floor area with the Anivac cleaning system used to wash the dog.